JCU Medical School

Project Details

  • Architect: Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd
  • Builder: PDT Architects & RPA Architects
  • Contractor: Brennly Enterprises Pty Ltd
  • Engineers: LCJ Engineers & Glynn Tucker Consulting Engineers
  • Project Value: $45 million

The School of Pharmacy and Molecular Sciences at James Cook University is a multidisciplinary unit comprising of 40 academic, technical and administrative staff and 25 postgraduate and honours students.

This project proved to be quite a challenge for LCJ Engineers and Rondo to design, due to the very high wind loads together with wall heights up to 4.2m, which resulted in having back to back 150mm studs at 300mm centres. This project was nicknamed “Steel City” and from viewing the images, you can see why.

Brendan Johnston of Brennly Enterprises recognised this project as one of the most difficult he has worked on and thanked both LCJ Engineers and Rondo for their Technical Assistance in working out the design issues.

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