Pod Pavilion, Malaysia

Pod Pavillion 890x373

Project Details

  • Architects: Hijjas Kasturi Associates, Studio Nicoletti Associati (Italy)
  • Location: Petaling Jaya Commercial Centre, Malaysia

Inspired by water droplets in the wild, the POD Pavilion showcases the new sustainable urban development located in Petaling Jaya Commercial City, west of Kuala Lumpur.

Designed by Hijjas Kasturi Associates in collaboration with Studio Nicoletti Associati (Italy), the POD Pavilion is now PJCC’s corporate office and sales gallery.

Rondo provided both product and design assistance to the project, which required a significant amount of input from Rondo because of its unique elliptical design. The design involved Rondo producing pre-curved Furring Channel according to the radius of the curvature of the building, however as the radius is different at each segment of the building, exact measurements needed to be obtained after the steel structure had been erected.

The installation of Rondo Furring Channels was achieved by directly fixing them to the main steel structure before securing the plasterboard in place.

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