H1 Apartments, Victoria


Project Details

  • Architect: Plus Architecture
  • Builder: Brookfield Multiplex
  • Contractor: Expoconti
  • Location: Docklands, Melbourne
  • Project Value: $180 million

Harbour One, or ‘H1’ Apartment complex as it is affectionately called, is situated in the heart of the NewQuay precinct. 

Designed by Plus Architecture, they have created a unique apartment complex using ribbon detailing that spirals and curls around the lean apartments to form a distinctive wave effect, reflecting the water and movement of the bay in which the desirable  building sits.

Comprised of 22 levels, with 318 one, two and three bedroom apartments, retail access on the ground floor, and a fully licensed library for the use of both tenants and their guests alike, residents would never need to leave home as all the facilities are right at their fingertips.

Rondo supplied the project with 700 PANTHER® Metal Face Access Panels as well as 215,000lm of Steel Stud and 40,000m2 of KEY-LOCK® products.

With Rondo supplying hands-on technical advice and support, including weekly site inspections along with support from Technical Sales Representatives and Technical Services Team,  the only issues to arise were specific stud size requirements and the changing of the originally nominated Access Panels to Rondo Metal Panels.

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